Why Write Two Places?

A personal note on personal choice.

I know this is my blog, but I’m writing with intent elsewhere now too. Different unique content. My Medium page only has a few posts, but I take it seriously. I was a reader on Medium for quite a while before every submitting anything. I feel like it’s a writers website, my blog is a personal journey and designed for diverse content.

Different situations call for different styles, different tactics and different energy. Not two different voices but two different contexts. One a personal blog, the other a community of at least somewhat serious writers, or readers. There are influencers, publications and sub publications, and groups to follow. It’s just a different animal on Medium. Everyone’s work format is the same by design, and it’s very raw paper black and white feel is great. Also, image quality and quantity can be noticed more I feel. It’s very cool, I’ve gotten the opportunity to be part of a Publication on Medium called Better Humans. It’s nice to join a group of people wanting to better their lives. I’ve been taking actions in many area’s I’d been stagnating.

Joining Medium and the Better Humans Publication is part of tying in something actionable I could do today to go after my goals: writing and teaching/coaching–  by writing, and by becoming a coach on Coach.me  My profile is almost finished and set up to help coach in areas where I have strength in daily habit, and know something about results and the process. I have all these ambitions and goals but it’s when I can link a few together and move forward with intent of gaining momentum I feel best about progressing long term. I want to write. It’s part of my pursuit of the path of the Renaissance Man. 

super peak-1-PS edit

Over the next few months I’m going to do some great things. There are obstacles ahead. Fortunately I’m a Spartan. Ready for the challenges.

Going for that full potential life. On the Campaign for Renaissance.

Brendan McCaughey

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