I’m At Brendon Burchard’s Worlds Greatest Speaker Training: Review (day 2)

DAY 2 Worlds Greatest Speaker Training with Brendon Burchard


8:00 AM

Hitting the pool for a light physical exercise. Need to get my Morning Ritual back in place for my travels the remainder of this trip. Saying I can’t do my Hour of Power just because I’m on the road is not at all true. What it actually is, is an excuse.


After a very informative and impactful morning I really believe I’m already making strides. Applying META learning principles and natural affinity for quick learning has me very excited to make videos, speak and share messages with the world. But as you will see I’m not just going to instantly crush it without actually practicing and working on it CONSISTENTLY!!!

Roger Love is a great coach and his knowledge, skills and talents are so honed. He

At present, I don’t have the funds to get Roger Love’s Speaking Academy but I would absolutely love to. Amazing value. I’m secretly hoping that I can get the singing part of the package donated to me by someone who know’s they won’t use it.

Networking is going crazy! So many people doing great things and having the opportunity to meet and eventually work with these people is going to be a great advantage in the future.

Do I stand by what I said yesterday that this is the best investment I’ve ever made? Yes. I do. I am becoming better and more savvy with each moment that passes. These posts are a recording of events as they occur, not intended to have all the details of what I’m learning. As I mentioned I am going to make a video

Going to get nourished.

7:25 PM

Saw Chalene Johnson give a wonderful talk, and so much value from sharing her story. As a former audience member at World’s Greatest Speaker Training, it was wonderful to se her own the stage and convey great tactics in her message. The use of Periscope to distribute short and purposeful videos was a huge strategy I’ve been ignoring or avoiding. What a great way to practice what I’m learning here…DAILY. If you want to check out what I’m teaching or sharing on Periscope you can follow me @multitude27. My first 5 part Video series is titled “How to Get the Most Out of a Seminar.” Excited to practice and get my voice out there.

Day Two Wrapped up with some great stories from audience members. I was impressed with not only the stories but the presentation skills of each speaker. They were critiqued by the panel of judges on ways to improve, but all the judges agreed that each presenter had far more upside then problems. It was so good to see others get on stage and share their message or story, and practice the principles and frameworks discussed throughout Worlds Greatest Speaker Training so far. Inspired me even more to get up and share what I have to say. That’s one of the hardest parts perhaps, what to say? What story to tell? I have some good stories throughout my life, but which one illustrates the desired outcome of my speech FOR MY AUDIENCE? Anything else is just a DEMONSTRATION OF EGO. That is such a vital takeaway I’ve gotten from this so far. Brendon Burchard said it so well, I’ll paraphrase his wisdom for you. No matter how good, how entertaining, funny, scary, truthful the story may be, if it doesn’t match up with the desired outcome.

Again on Day 2 Networking and meeting fellow strivers here at the event has been a wonderful experience! The energy is just contagious, and I’m a pretty high energy person by nature, but this is next level for me. Meeting CEO’s who’ve had $100 million exits, and shamanic breath teachers in the same 10 minute span is amazing.

This post is a record of my becoming, look for the video(s) soon on what I got from this conference and how I’m applying it into my life.

Thank you for reading.

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