A New Habit: Writing Wednesday 007

Boxing at the Champ's gym In tokyo.

Boxing at the Champ’s gym In tokyo.

Ok there is a #WritingWednesday 006 but it ain’t good. I didn’t promote it here on 27th Renaissance because well it was slapped together last minute and is amateur in so many ways. It’s all truth but it’s bad writing I feel. Oh well. It’s over on Medium if you want to see it, but here’s my new piece


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A New Habit: Writing Wednesday 004

Today was a great challenge and opportunity to write. I didn’t know what to write about, so I used one of my other renaissance pursuits (Photography) to get the juices going. I walked through my neighborhood and took some shots of the beautiful flowers that are in bloom. One shot captivated me when I was reviewing them–the shot showed life and death in one image. A beautiful African Violet blooming, but a dead flower interspersed throughout the blossoms. Got me thinking deeply on life and death. Here’s what I wrote:



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