Welcome To 2017

2016 was an epic year. My best. 

2017 is about impact for me. Using my momentum to make waves 🌊

Although 27th Renaissance was neglected  (again) I was more creative than ever and consistent in my writing elsewhere

This year I have big plans for this blog and my life. 

Things I’ve got in store for my website here:

  • Design overhaul–freshening things up. 
  • A summary of my Renaissance pursuits from My Renaissance Defined: what progress have I made since compiling that list? 
  • A portfolio of graphic design, writing and video work. 
  • A consistent summary of my creations in other locations 
  • Experiments and challenges in health, fitness and life. 
  • Book reports and reviews. Major Year of reading ahead!
  • Travel posts–have some vagabonding in the works
  • Links to my most recommended supplements, fitness tools, books, mentors and inspirations. 
  • A summary of my 2016 learning and takeaways 
  • Even more! 

I greatly appreciate everyone who’s been following the journey thus far, and I can promise a more exciting and well documented year here on my blog in 2017

Image credit @garyvee

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