A New Habit: Writing Wednesday 007

Boxing at the Champ's gym In tokyo.

Boxing at the Champ’s gym In tokyo.

Ok there is a #WritingWednesday 006 but it ain’t good. I didn’t promote it here on 27th Renaissance because well it was slapped together last minute and is amateur in so many ways. It’s all truth but it’s bad writing I feel. Oh well. It’s over on Medium if you want to see it, but here’s my new piece


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Why Write Two Places?

A personal note on personal choice.

I know this is my blog, but I’m writing with intent elsewhere now too. Different unique content. My Medium page only has a few posts, but I take it seriously. I was a reader on Medium for quite a while before every submitting anything. I feel like it’s a writers website, my blog is a personal journey and designed for diverse content.

Different situations call for different styles, different tactics and different energy. Not two different voices but two different contexts. One a personal blog, the other a community of at least somewhat serious writers, or readers. There are influencers, publications and sub publications, and groups to follow. It’s just a different animal on Medium. Everyone’s work format is the same by design, and it’s very raw paper black and white feel is great. Also, image quality and quantity can be noticed more I feel. It’s very cool, I’ve gotten the opportunity to be part of a Publication on Medium called Better Humans. It’s nice to join a group of people wanting to better their lives. I’ve been taking actions in many area’s I’d been stagnating.

Joining Medium and the Better Humans Publication is part of tying in something actionable I could do today to go after my goals: writing and teaching/coaching–  by writing, and by becoming a coach on Coach.me  My profile is almost finished and set up to help coach in areas where I have strength in daily habit, and know something about results and the process. I have all these ambitions and goals but it’s when I can link a few together and move forward with intent of gaining momentum I feel best about progressing long term. I want to write. It’s part of my pursuit of the path of the Renaissance Man. 

super peak-1-PS edit

Over the next few months I’m going to do some great things. There are obstacles ahead. Fortunately I’m a Spartan. Ready for the challenges.

Going for that full potential life. On the Campaign for Renaissance.

Brendan McCaughey

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On the Path to Renaissance



I’m linking to a piece I just wroe on Medium. Often I will double post on my blog and Medium the exact same content. I’ve decided not to do that any longer. I want my blog to be broad and comprehensive but also to get the content on other channels to have quality of their own. I should be doing twice as much creation. Not double posting the same thing to two different channels as unique. Sharing and connecting all the work I do is what I want my blog to be about. But I feel like only my “best writing” or whatever that means at present goes up on Medium.


All that being said check out my new piece


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The Notecard System: The Key For Remembering, Organizing And Using Everything You Read

This is very informative and apt for where I’m currently at in life. Writing and idea execution. Thanks for the great content Ryan, Amazon is delivering Obstacle is the way to me today, can’t wait.

Thought Catalog

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After the response to this recent LifeHacker piece, I thought I would explain the system I use to take notes, research books and keep track of anecdotes, stories and info I come across in my work.

This isn’t the perfect system. It might not work for you. All I can say is that since learning it about 7 years ago, it has totally transformed my process and drastically increased my creative output. It’s responsible for helping me publish three books in three years, (along with other books I’ve had the privilege of contributing to), write countless articles published in newspapers and websites, send out my reading recommendations every month, and make all sorts of other work and personal successes possible.

Now to be clear, this is not “my” notecard system. If anything, I use a perverted version of a system taught to me by the genius Robert…

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The Most Introverted and Reflective Year of My Life..so far. 

This is my first post from my iPhone. 
this is been a different here than any other year I can recall. 
I’ve definitely spent a lot of time looking at my life in a lot of different ways I’ve tried a lot of different things and failed honestly. I really think that this is valuable time even though half of me thinks that I’ve been wasting a lot of time this year. Maybe I have, but I am called to continue pushing in the direction of my dreams. 

I’ve always set goals, but setting these new kind of goals I’m working towards now with deadlines is exciting and scary at the same time. I’m putting a lot of effort into changing my psychology. Understanding what’s been holding me back in my own mind and in the physical world. Every time I get a good idea I’m like wow this is it this is the one but the value of an idea lies in its execution and implementation not simply in a bold stroke of creative genius.  

 Plain and simple I have to do the work. In 2015 it is so easy to be distracted probably easier than ever, but I’m choosing my focus better with each passing day. 

People can say what they want about personal development or “self-help “but I’ve always wanted to be successful so studying success and ways to overcome your own struggles is valuable to me. I’m immersing myself in only positive and pertinent material, with aims of creating my own. Tim Ferriss and Anthony Robbins have been major helps to me this year. Although Tim is more in the Learning and lifestyle design space, I still help myself with his content. Unfortunately self help has a somewhat negative connotation, so I don’t want to lump Tim with a group to which he is much more diverse than. I’ve been a major follower of Tim since I was 22 and working 80 hour weeks in the craziest job I’ve ever had. Finding the 4 hour work week back then was life changing. This year I will re read it and execute on its principles like never before. Tim actually put me on to Tony Robbins. Of course I’d heard of him and read quotes, but never had I chosen to dive deep into his work until hearing him on the Tim Ferriss Show Podcast, I then purchased Tony’s new book and subsequently his Ultimate Edge program. Amazing value! Understanding how my brain works and why I do things is incredible knowledge. Acting upon this knowledge is my main aim at present.  I now truly am committed as I write these words to getting back to work, rekindling the hardest working spirit of my deepest warrior soul. 

Creating content and realizing my goals and ideas is what I am solely focused on. I don’t need to party, “chill” or anything else other then create the life I deserve and dream of. Much work to do, but I have found a way to love it. Loosing momentum and not following through are painful and I’m finished with that pain. Writing, learning, helping others, oration, fitness and documenting it all equal massive pleasure. 
Here’s to being back on the campaign trail to being a Renaissance Man and Warrior. 

A Foray Into Photography

These are some shot’s I’ve taken throughout the year of 2014. Some are Spring time, Summer, or now Autumn. I bought a DSLR camera for myself on my 25th birthday back in January. Making time to learn and improve in this field has been a challenge, but also lots of fun. It’s nice to take the time to learn something completely outside of the usual realm of my main work. I love photography, and hope to continue to improve and study this craft.

Essentially this is a small part of my path towards renaissance this year. Personally I think there’s some good shots, but I’m curious if that’s just self-flattery. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Thank you 🙂





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What am I about…? & Who Am I?

So what am I about?

In one word, Success. Had to pick that word, cliche as it is, and with all the ambiguity. Success is, or at least should be, a unique word for everybody who reads it. However, this is often far from what the collective of humanity thinks when they read, hear, or ponder this word. It’s so much more then the material things in life. Please define what it means to you. Actually not the easiest thing to do, and it’s taken me a long time, but I want to share what it is for me, and why I push for it day in and day out. My definition may be far from yours, it may contain parts of yours. But, I hope seeing someones personal definition of success and the perpetual quest that it is will help you define yours, and hopefully charge up some inspired action somewhere in the world. Those are the places I eventually want to reach–the reasons you should read or care about any content here.

Who am I?

To share a little about myself I’ll start with my name–Brendan. I’m 24 years old at the time of publication and residing in America, specifically Texas. But, don’t jump to conclusions, I am a dual citizen and my mother country is Canada. I think this is a great blessing, and the first I’ll mention about how lucky I am. I’ve got crazy good luck! Listing hobbies and passions has a pre-requisite; namely that I explain what I want to be in life, and where the name of this blog arose. Allow me to illustrate where this all began:

At a young age, perhaps 12, but maybe 14, I was often asked what I wanted to do with my life. I could never answer in a way that was fully truthful or left me feeling satisfied with my response. What adolescent could? They’re rare but they’re out there. But, I think it’s not often clear if those answers are really their own or some conglomerate of parental pressures and societal conventions. Either way nothing I ever said was fully the true expression of what I subconsciously felt was my calling. That’s because I don’t have just one thing calling me; really I want to be and do as much as possible, and as much that’s impossible as possible. In these young years I was asked a very valuable question by my mother: “Brendan, do you know what a Renaissance Man is?” I responded with the characteristic false omniscience of youth, “Of course I do. It’s someone who lived in the Renaissance period.” I was indeed misinformed, or rather under-informed. My mother went on to essentially summarize the definition as “A Master of many things.”

It didn’t stick right then, but as I grew older I knew this was the only “calling” calling me. That’s partly why success has been a real illusive and challenging word to define in my life. I want to succeed in so many things, and this overall mastery is the most simplified definition of my personal success in life.